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    I am a huge fan of the Postgate/Firmin work, they were a huge piece of my childhood and as an adult still have the power to bring back a huge smile and a sense of happy childhood days. Sadly I won't be able to meet Mr Postgate which has always been an ambition, but I have a collection of stuff that will always bring me happiness. One of my most prized possesions is a piece of original Bagpuss artwork by Peter Firmin, and a sketch of Noggin the Nog signed by both. Postgate's voice is one of the most instantly regoniseable and just seems so friendly and brings a sense of calm whenever I hear it. A highly political man and a conscientious objector there was often a subtext to much of his stuff, he came from a literary background and his father was a well known food journalist, mystery writer of his time and his grandfather was Labour leader George Lansbury (which also means he is distantly related to Murder she Wrote actress Angela Lansbury). His son is also a well known childrens author Daniel Postgate. A man who defined a generation thjrough generation and a surrogate grandfather to millions. Mr Postgate, you were a genius with a true talent, and may the work of Peter Firmin and yourself live forever. The Pogles, The Clangers, the pingwings, Ivor, Noggin, tottie, and of course Bagpuss... all works of a more innocent time and greater because of it. Anyone interested in his mkore political side can read his occasional blogs for the New Statesman: New Statesman - Oliver Postgate Mr Postgate thanks for everything and may you rest in peace, and know that you influenced and probably shaped the lives of millions.
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    that Hot Chip song... just keep singing it...over and over and over and over and over and over....again.
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