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Anyone know how to make and plant a bomb?


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HAPPY MONDAYS and THE FARM have announced plans to play two special shows at LONDON CARLING BRIXTON ACADEMY in March.

The 48 Hour Party People gigs will also feature DJ slots from Primal Screams Mani and Inspiral Carpets Clint Boon.

The dates are The Farms first in 10 years and Happy Mondayss second and third UK shows since 2000, following their one-off Get Loaded In The Park appearance last summer.

At the time both Mondays frontman Shaun Ryder and his dancing sidekick Bez, who is currently appearing in Channel 4s 'Celebrity Big Brother', both hinted that they may play again.

Both bands will be headlining the Brixton shows on March 25-26 with support coming from Stone Roses tribute band The Clone Roses on the second date.

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i saw shaun ryder on some sorta football/indie music show on sky aggggggggges ago

shall we say his waste disposal like drug intake of the 90s seems to have caught up with him big style

"big" being the key word......the fat bloater

If they made children watch his interview on the extras for 24 Hour Party People at school, that's the only anti-drug message they'd ever need.

I'm not sure he's always like that, but the guy is a fucking mess on it. He can barely speak, he's close to drooling.

Ranks up there with Sid Vicious on The Filth And THe Fury when he falls asleep in one interview and says "I'm not happy at all. I wanna be under the ground" in another. Great ambassadors of the sex, drugs and rock n' roll lifestyle.

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