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The worlds longest charity single ?


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I just hope they haven't promised them all solo's ;)

The Prog Rock community coming together to help where we can!

ProgAID was set-up in the wake of the terrible earthquake and Tsunami

disaster that tragically struck on the 26th December 2004. The sheer

destruction and loss of human life was of a scale that shook the world.

We considered what the Progressive Rock community could do, even in a small

way, to help alleviate some of the suffering endured, and help towards the

rebuilding of lives and communities.

We have therefore decided to co-ordinate the recording of a CD single to

help raise as much money as possible for those that need it. The song,

titled 'All Around The World', will be recorded on the 29th and 30th

January 2005, and since the decision was made, we have been overwhelmed by

the generosity of so many great musicians who have agreed to give their

time to appear on the single. The list grows daily and currently includes:

Neal Morse

Roine Stolt - The Flower Kings

Anthony Phillips

Martin Orford - IQ

Pete Nicholls - IQ

John Jowitt - IQ

Alan Reed - Pallas

Nick Barrett - Pendragon

Clive Nolan - Arena / Pendragon

Mick Pointer - Arena

John Mitchell - Arena / The Urbane

Gary Chandler - Jadis

Arjen Lucassen - Ayreon

Oliver Wakeman - Oliver Wakeman Band

Steve Balsamo - Alan Parsons Project

Troy Donockley - Iona

Bryan Josh - Mostly Autumn

Steve Gee - Landmarq

Tracy Hitchings - Landmarq

Dave Wagstaff - Landmarq

Bruce Soord - Pineapple Thief

Stu Nicholson - Galahad


Steve Babb - Glass Hammer

Daniel Gildenlow - Pain Of Salvation

Mike Baker - Shadow Gallery

Gary Wehrkamp - Shadow Gallery

Doogie White - ex Rainbow / Yngwie Malmsteen

Rob Gould - Fula

Fiona Ford - Fula

Alain Chiarazzo - Eclat

Steve Taylor - Strangefish

Danny Chang - The Fyreworks

Andy Edwards - Ezra

Colin Edwards - Ezra

Chris Dale - Sack Trick / Bruce Dickinson

Paul Davies - ex Karnataka / Panic Room

Jonathan Edwards - ex Karnataka / Panic Room

Nic Waulker - Bluehorses

Liz Prendagast - Bluehorses

Once recorded, the single will go on sale, which is expected to be late

February 2005, and all proceeds will go to the charities that can help the

victims of the Tsunami disaster.

Regular updates, including the amount of money raised, will be posted at

the ProgAID web site at www.ProgAID.com, so please visit for the latest

news. The full list of musicians participating on the single will also be

listed within the "Who's Who" section of this site.

We thank you for supporting this release and please spread this news to as

many people as possible!

Best Regards



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