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Two questions about bass strings


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I have used them!

they are cool' date=' long lasting and stuff

at the moment we dont stock them @ prosound

we just got the acoustic strings in i will be doing the whole range in the newyear!

im using 'ghs flea boomers' at the mo thay are fantastic[/quote']

Thanks for the swift response Shawn :rolleyes:

I did phone the shop....

Ended up buying rotosounds from toms.....cheap!!

But I find them a little bright on the Jazz.

I think the guitar itself is a little thin sounding, it doesnt even have the bottom end of my Rick :help:

Can anyone recomend a nice replacement pickup for the Jazz?

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yes i can!

the 'quarter pounder J-bass' by Mr Duncan

i use the p-bass 1/4 pounders on both my p-basses and thay are P.H. fat thats PHAT!

and they are about 90 ish and are fantastic


I will say thats what I've been looking at, my boy has one in his Jap Jazz...

Whats the word on the antiquity pickups? I dont feel I need loads of output, just a nice round warm sound.....

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