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online hunting

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New York Post


SAN ANTONIO -- Forget about PlayStation 2 - a Texas entrepreneur wants to kick computer gaming up to the next level by offering players a chance at some real-live killing via mouse and modem.

John Lockwood, who's already hooked up guns to the Internet to let faraway users shoot targets on his Texas ranch, is set to let fans shoot live game through his Web site, live-shot.com.

Lockwood's device is simple: a .22-caliber rifle mounted on a "pan and tilt" mechanism of the type used to mount security cameras. Attached to the rifle are cables and wires that connect it to a computer.

Two cameras are also hooked to the device. One pans the ground in the rifle's firing field; the other is attached to the rifle itself and lets users aim and fire.

The price will range from $60 to $75 an hour, with the camera and rifle pointed at a game feeder set up to attract animals. Deposits are also required for dressing and taxidermy services.

Killing something will cost extra. "A feral hog might go for $500, a black buck or axis deer for $1,500 to $2,000," Lockwood said. "But there's nothing additional if they don't take a shot. I can't guarantee that an animal will come by during their time."

guns attached to the internet, what a great idea!

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Guest onlynik

Aye, saw this a while back, you can acctually sign up to a range and practice yuor shooting. You get 20 mins for your money.

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