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Friday night-wail mash blast pop bop!

Jim Stax

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Due to a failing and lacking in 'Audio Dropoutness' tonights entertainment will be brought to you by the wonderful ears of Andy (Staccato Set) Bass. This man plays a blinding dj set of all sorts whilst getting steadily more pissed and animated! I, Mr J Stacc, may well join in with some old skool punk and fromage for the laughs... All for the price of a few pints and giggles. You know you wanna!


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Urban Atlas!!!!

Anyone intersted in hearing what some of Aberdeens top dj's have as their favourite top ten tunes need get along to the LIMOUSINE BULL artist' collective space on Langstane Place (across from Yates's bar) between 12 and 7. These performances are part of the Urban November week at the space. The reason I mention this here is that our very own Shaz is playing between 3-4. Yes you too can be witness to Sharon Drake's musical infuences (god help us). I will add that I myself (Jim) will be adding an installation (and yes it is art!) to this week on the sunday between the 12-7. What a blast!

Hope to see some of you around there.



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