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sorepoint compilation out soon

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here is the track listing- looks quite good.


'Get Fighted', Alexisonfire (Exclusive Recording)

'You Know Whose Seatbelt', The Bled

'Gotta Get Out of Here', The AKA's

'As Always', My Awesome Compilation

'The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows', Brand New (Acoustic Session Recording)

'The Light and The Sound', Rocky Votolato

'Blinders', Jackson United (Exclusive Recording)

'Amphetamine Crush', Salem

'The Sound', Further Seems Forever

'Not A Word', Recover (Exclusive Recording)

'A Safe Place', 'The Beautiful Mistake

'Grand Theft Autumn/Where Is Your Boy', Fall Out Boy (Acoustic Exclusive Recording

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hmmm not bad-the recover track is good.would have preferred i never met another gemini by the bled and the acoustic jude law yadda yadda by brand new but nae three bad

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did brand new do accoustic version of jude law?

I ordered the single with moshi moshi accoustic so cnat wait for that to come.

yes-it's the b-side to the vinyl quiet things and it's saweet:)

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