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  1. Vaya

    T In The Park 2006

    Was an ace weekend! Highlights were definitely, Sigur Ros, Death Cab, Jenny Lewis, Eels, Seth Lakeman and Ben Harper. We Are Scientists were great also and Maximo Park were a pleasant surprise live, not too keen on them but they were ace. Sigur Ros were absolutely amazing, definitely band of the weekend, closely followed by Jenny Lewis and Death Cab. Was a bit gutted at Zero 7 having to cancel but it meant a bit extra Death Cab so that's fine!
  2. Vaya

    65days gig tonight

    Gig last night was awesome. Didn't catch The Mirimar Disaster as I was working until 8 but if they were as good as people have been saying hopefully I'll catch them some other time. Chris Clarke was fantastic, there was a real progression in his set, some of the drum and bass stuff near the end was awesome and the visuals were brilliant. Really enjoyed 65days, their music is so passionate and thoroughly inspirational. Thought the gig wasn't too badly advertised, it's been on a lot of flyers and stuff, had my ticket way back in January. There's been a hell of a lot of fantastic gigs over the past couple of weeks, Stapleton in particular were brilliant. Much respect to the promoters and keep up the good work!
  3. Vaya

    got skills?

    ok edited...... amateur typing skills
  4. Vaya

    got skills?

    numbchuck skills.....computer hacking skills
  5. Vaya

    Your band in South Park

    hehe cool site.i got bored and did one of sixteen accused couldn't find anything sufficiently squint to recapture jarvis' hairstyle in all its lopsided glory though
  6. Vaya

    Aberdeen Uni exam results

    passed everything which i'm quite surprised about,especially the hellish infection,disease and defence-that paper just looked at me and laughed.can properly enjoy summer now
  7. Vaya

    audioscrobbler group

    it lives!two days after i installed it.my computer is s l o w .
  8. Vaya

    audioscrobbler group

    ...it's not working
  9. Vaya

    Big Brother

    god,it's really bad this year.watched it for the first time a couple of nights ago out of curiosity some guy was taking a bath in a dustbin or something. sure i've seen mary chasing people up the side of a well too!
  10. Vaya

    Every Time I Die UK Tour

    tickets already on sale?
  11. Vaya

    Favourite Cover Versions

    yeah,can't wait forthat one
  12. Vaya

    Music Association Game

    Coheed and Cambria-devil in jersey city
  13. Vaya

    Favourite Cover Versions

    i really like echo and the bunnymen's cover of "people are strange"....can't remember who did it first though-got an exam in 20 minutes and my mind's gone blank!was it the doors?
  14. Vaya

    Really rare band stuff

    don't have a lot of really rare stuff,mainly just signed tickets, setlists,drumsticks,plecs and stuff i have darran from ffaf on my voicemail though,a nice signed bled drumstick and a one line drawing of onelinedrawing jonah matranga signed as well as a ticket stub signed by him,not really rare but he;s my absolute idol!