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James Broonbreed

Fender guitars

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Putting out feeler to see about selling one or both of these as I've just bought a Strat'.

The Jaguar is a 1989/90 MIJ model, and I think it's a 60's reissue judging by the vintage tuners. Quarter Pounder pickups - not fitted by me. I also maybe have the original ones.

The Mustang is a 1996 '65 Reissue. It will come with Fender American pickups if I sell it.

I'm not 100% sure about prices, but I think somewhere around £500 for each would be about right(?).





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Just to keep this in line with my facebook advert, im looking for £550 for the jaguar, and £500 for the mustang.

the jaguar is definitely for sale, but the mustang sale is dependant on my new strat being up to scratch once it arrives.


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