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Sludged up radiators

James Broonbreed

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Anyone got experience with badly sludged radiators?

I've given my radiators a flush through for a week with Fernox F3 cleaner, then a day or so with the heavy duty F5 stuff... Not much difference...

I've just flushed everything through with the mains pressure doing each radiator individually and then all at once until everything was running clear - agitating the radiators as much as possible externally...

I'm going to install a magnetic filter to the return line next week as more of a preventative measure.

I've fired everything back up now and I'm impatiently waiting for everything to heat up until the radiators can melt human flesh. I have a feeling this won't be the case though. Will I have to get some granny robbing plumber in to power flush everything? I got a quote today for £395 + the chemicals, so Ideally they can fuck off.



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