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Musicians' Insurance Recommendations

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I currently insure all my gear via Allianz's specific musicians insurance policy. I have never had to claim (thankfully).

At the time (two years ago) this seemed the best product, but can anyone recommend any alternatives rather than just letting a renewal roll over for another year? I need cover at home, in our practice space and in the van whilst travelling in Europe.

I know the MU provide some kind of insurance, is this just public liability or does it extend to instruments/equipment too?


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Not specifically musician insurance related but make sure you read all the details and fine print with your policy.  

You may find your policy only covers you if you have followed specific storage instructions and got their specific security set up.  I tried to insure my workshop tools that weren't kept at home but couldn't meet all of the policy requirements, ended up being more cost effective to create storage space at home and have them covered under home insurance and transport as needed.  Hopefully your insurer is more flexible but I could imagine things like vehicle locks, amount of windows, where its parked etc could be specified and come into play during a claim.

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