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Lookin' for clues


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cheers for the feedback Adam - yeah i,m not big on words and most of my material is usually music first and minimal words after but fair point.

I think i used to work with Tom your drummer a few years ago assuming that it was / is ten easy wishes your name suggests. He sold me one of your singles on vynil as i recall. Not sure thats even the way you spell vynil - its been so long.  And mighty good it was too. Sort of punk meets Busted.  Are you guys still playing ?. I did wander what became of him.

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1 hour ago, yorlum said:

Sort of punk meets Busted.  

A glowing reference if ever I heard one... :laughing:

We do not still play in a band together - he's off doing well as his producer thing Lockah: http://lockah.net/

JJ released a couple of solo records: http://www.jjbull.co.uk/Music.html

I play in The Deportees and The Little Kicks: https://www.facebook.com/thedeportees / http://www.thelittlekicks.co.uk

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cheers for the update - good to see Tom has broken from the corporate thing i always thought he was bright even if we did,nt always see eye to eye (think it was a generation thing). I have heard of your other bands and will check into them further for sure. 


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