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I've dipped in and out over the years. Never really made it an integral part of my routine but often wish I did. The Headspace app is great. A bit steep so I only used the free trial but it was a great way to start the day. Meditation is really hard to 'get into' and there seems to be a few different 'styles' (I know nothing about them but wish I did). The benefits are almost instantaneous though, even for someone doing it for the very first time.

Any good reading recommendations?

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The reading has mostly been very introductory stuff but I've found an easy guide to meditation by Roy Eugene Davis and Mindfulness for Anxiety Relief by Mike Mitchell to be good an I'm not someone who suffers from anxiety. 


That's me at 20 days straight on Headspace I think. After certain milestones you get free month trials to give people so the next time I get one you're welcome to it. I signed up for 2 years at about £3.74 a month or so, paid in a lump sum.

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