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30th December@UNDERDOG Tight Ideas 001: Depeche Choad + Lenin Death Mask + Min Diesel


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Tight Ideas bring you some of the best local music to celebrate a year in which several of our biggest and brightest have made a permanent mark on the scene.

Min Diesel
Min Diesel are an outrageously hard-working band. Having not long released debut LP 'Mince', they've just toured with Fawn Spots, debuted a slew of new material and show no signs of slowing down. A self-proclaimed 'mindie-rock' band, fans of Dinosaur Jr, Sebadoh and Stapleton will surely approve.

Is there anything that sounds like this anywhere in the UK? Lenin Death Mask combine the earnest, steadfast anger and drive of Titus Andronicus with the bouncing interplay of Thin Lizzy. A beautiful noise, LDM have just released 'Three Hits' with local label Fitlike Records, and have distribution deals for the UK and Europe. A monstrously entertaining band.

Depeche Choad
In a world where songs about heartbreak and melodrama are ten-a-penny, Depeche Choad tackle the big subjects like: allergy to bodily fluids, business, vampires, a hatred of cats and Spanish wine. From a tradition where, y'know, seeing bands is meant to be fun, Choad eschew North-Eastern stoic performance with sets that are raucous yet entirely inclusive.


Hanukkah Skywalker
Stonehaven-based producer and DJ, Hanukkah Skywalker is the moniker of Benjamin Lowit, the most scarily dedicated music fan you'll ever meet. Expect a mix of classic hip-hop, soul, R&B, bassline, garage and grime. 

Double Yellow + Parkin' Fiine
Two men who are to eclecticism what Ainsley Harriot is to spice. The kind of guys who'll play Action Bronson and Big Black in the same 15 minutes, yet it'll make sense. It all just... makes sense. Vinyl DJs who are absolutely right for your party, your wedding or your wake. 





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