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possible interview

The Ghost Of Fudge

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Guest stuartmaxwell

tokyo dragons were fucking awful, they are one of theeee worst acts i have seen in a long time, they sounded like aereosmith with a lisp, complete with every single cock rock cliche in the book, complete with rubbish banter. every song had the same progression. they were simply awful

winnebago deal were ok, they had some ace moments but when he sang the riffs suffered as he could sing and do big riffs at the same time. the sound was a bit urgh too.

hmmm possibly do the interview, will have to wait a wee while

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Guest stuartmaxwell
i'd probably love the dragons then. i've heard they do a good live show (and remember 60% of deadloss is the show' date=' 30% is restringing, and 10% is the songs)[/quote']

honestly mate, they were sheeeite. the show was pants!

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