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Kurnel Fist, dundee band looking for gigs

Kurnel Fist

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Hailing from various points on the magic horseshoe of the Tay estuary, Kurnel Fist are an explosive experiment in grungey psychedelia. Their combination of burning drum rhythms, mellifluous bass lines and lyrical (but crunchy) guitar hooks ensure that each accent bursts through your ear pussies like multicoloured spores through the floor of the Amazon rainforest. The Kurnel induces a kaleidoscopic aural experience that will leave you shivering like a shagged-out shaman.


If this is what you want then we want to hear from you, we are looking for promoters, venues and bands to play with in aberdeen please get in touch if there is anything you can help out with.


We look forward to groovin' with you guys soon.






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Definite first impression is that you guys would go down well at the Moorings. Contact Fudge - https://www.facebook.com/fudge.aberdeen?fref=ts


You guys are good, you remind me of Kyuss! Liking the recordings, I would like to hear more guitar in the recordings however. I would come to see you guys play live music.

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hey thanks for the quick reply and the link, messages sent! XD

thanks very much, its appreciated, we recorded the three tracks almost a year ago without having a bass player at the time but we  are now looking into re-recording those and bout 7 or 8 other new tracks as well. We would like you to come see us, we would like everyone to come see us!


thanks again!

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