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[!!!!] Alec Empire / Atari Teenage Riot fans...[!!!!]


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Alec Empire's guitarist (Robbie Furze) brings his DHR label band PANIC DHH to Moshulu tonight.

If you are a fan of Alec Empire's Intelligence and Sacrifice album but worry that the frantic anger and riot-inducing pounding heart of Atari Teenage Riot has been long buried then Panic DHH will reaffirm your love of DHR. None more hardcore.

Pulling up the flank side will be Motormark, Scotland's own addition to the DHR label - Post-punk fury hitting casio-obessions head on in a boy/girl tsunami of angular guitars and ascerbic electronics.

Support from Strobing Goat and MART.

Doors are 7pm tonight, with first act on pretty sharp after that.

TONIGHT (Saturday the 25th September)



All ages

5 on door - Limited number of 4 tickets available until 5pm at The Bassment.

"Truly though, this is music that could start a riot, and keep on stoking the flames 'til it's out of control." - Logo Magazine

"Loud, Aggressive, Exciting, and most importantly, far from anything you've heard so far." - Drowned In Sound

"...akin to sitting in the dentist chair and knowing a drill is burrowing into your tooth but not caring, as the anaesthetic is beautiful." - Live4Metal

"Listening to this makes me laugh at the idea that I ever heard NIN as anything other than the badly disguised pop act that they are..." - Terrorizer

"...a fully-fledged vision of electronically treated music devastating in scope and utterly visceral in execution..." - Kerrang!

"...so caustic and lacerating that it begs to be sent straight back to hell. [...] How far do you want to go?" - Rocksound

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