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If you are into Four Tet, Adem etc you will love this


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very 1 st Aberdeen appearance

Dr Drakes

Frid 1st Oct

Doors 8pm

pedro (meloidic)

lucky pierre (melodic)

andy la kipp


melodic have been on the go for about 5 years now, steadily growing and gaining critical acclaim for their particular brand of beautiful, considered electronica. james ruteledge (aka pedro) has been with the label since its birth, he was actually the first artist to record for the fledgling imprint. since then weve seen two astounding pedro records which have set us up nicely for his new album which hits the record shops later this month. support on the night comes from lucky pierre (aka aidan moffat) who has also recorded as one half of arab strap and will be performing a special L pierre dj set.


' a beautiful soundtrack for your life that teases out those dormant emotions ' dj magazine on pedros first full length for melodic


'an astonishingly evocative, emotionally potent record with a serene but terribly sad beauty' (4/5) - the times on lucky pierres hypnogogia

(4/5) muzik on hypnogogia


album of the year nick warren (dj) on hypnogogia




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