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A Bloody Drummer Available!


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This is for any bands who need a drummer

I'm 18, got 4 years experience in drums and used to play in the band The Diuretics (but please dont let this put you off!)

I have heaps of influences from lots of bands as I am into basically everything, heres a list of some of the bands im into....

Sunny Day Real Estate, The Fire Theft, Death Cab For Cutie, FooFighters, Stone Roses, Bjork, Sigur Ros, Godspeed You Black Emperor, Deftones, David Bowie, Coldplay, Death In Vegas, My Bloody Valentine, Eighties Matchbox bline disaster, the icarus line, modey lemon, new found glory, lightning bolt, pretty girls make graves, the mars volta, simon and garfunkel, kings of convenience, pete yorn, white stripes, spiritualised, primal scream, led zep, neil young, my vitriol, janes addication, butthole surfers, the verve, smashing pumpkins and many MANY more!

I am realle desperate to be in another band because it is shit not being able to drum and i havent hjad enough practice, i can also be commited and come to practices, i have my oen kit and i feel that i am good enough to play in any of the styled bands you have seen above, but if there are others (apart from heavy, thrash metal stuff) then that is cool, im also into hip hop too!

drumming influences include taylor hawkins, phil boyd,ravi from my vitriol, cyrus bolooki, the captain, and others

please dudes i need to be in a band

you want to get in contact then here is the info

email - punkrockman_2001@hotmail.com

mob - 07817967492

flat - 01224624575

or you could just pm me or reply to this thread, just ask me about other bands and influences if you like

cheers guys

adam :up:

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