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Uniform Tour August 2013

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Hi All,


We are touring in the next couple of weeks and will take in the following dates;


Fri 9th August - Tunnels Aberdeen

Sat 10th - The Green Rooms, Perth

Sun 11th - The Tyne Bar (Beer Garden), Newcastle

Mon 12th - PURE, Sunderland

Tues 13th - Monty's Bar, Dunfermline

Wed 14th - Box, Glasgow

Thurs 15th - The Wee Red Bar, Edinburgh Arts College

Fri 16th - Belushis, Edinburgh

Sat 17th - we all die.


If you're about, would love you to come to the Aberdeen date (if you're here of course) - free glowsticks with every ticket bought cos, you know, that's how we roll.




Mark xxx

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Guest Young Adolesent

cant wait for glow sticks. Glow sticks show your a real band. And of course ill cone say hello maybe claim a few ab music stalks while im there

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Guest Young Adolesent

Haha! We're going to steal that - 'aye, we're handing oot glowsticks as it shows we're a real band'

oh well my band next gog aint for ages so its yours haha but yes if your wanting your band to be legendary glow sticks must be handed out rule no.4 of my cool band rules
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Guest Young Adolesent

Wasnt my scene wasnt much of a crowd, we stayed for cinnamon service 20 mins late! They were an allright band but the sound guy nae offence but all i could hear is a racket

sorry mark i wanted to stay but my mates didnt

Edited by Young Adolesent
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