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replacing speakers in amp


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I need to replace two 10" speakers in a fender Deville 410. I don't want to replace with fender speakers as they cost a fortune.

I've found a website where I can get Celestion speakers with the same spec (10", 8 ohm, 30 watts).

Anyone with experience changing speakers, does it generally make an obvious difference to the overall tone of the amp?

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Rule of thumb, The cheaper the speaker, the worse the speaker.

With respect to the, "Fender" speakers, they are normally, Inexpensive, compaired to a descent replacment, by another manufacturer.

Celestion Vintage 10'S, or, Eminence, Ramrod, Delta Demon's, are great replacments & are more efficient,(Higher sensitivity), so apart from improving tone, you get more volume, than the Fender speakers, which will probably have a  low sensitivity.


Do a bit of research, & spend as much as you can, as it's worth it, especially, if you eventually replace all 4, X 10" Fender speakers. 

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