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Classic Rock/blues - Bass Or Drummer Wanted


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Ellon area;

We're a band called Bad Penny and play rock n roll/blues stuff, stuff like thin Lizzy, status quo, Eric Clapton and Bon jovi etc we also plan on doing some writing eventually.

We've played 2 gigs as a band and we were getting pretty dam good I think when our bass player told us he had to call it a day for personal reasons.

We're desperate to keep going so ideally were looking for a bass player to fill his shoes but... if we had to and we find a brilliant drummer then our drummer would play bass and you could play drums. He's actually quite dam good on the old four string so I would be happy either way!

So yeah if you think you fit the bill then give me a shout, we have a rehearsal space out in Hatton (just outside Ellon) we jam one or twice a week and were all very committed so that's what we would be looking for. We're all in our mid 20s but if your old enough to stay out and jam and young enough to stay awake during the jam then were happy ;-)

Thanks for looking anyway guys!


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Play all your stuff and lots more can sing (sort of) too own kit etc.  If you are looking for a father figure who can still rock and keep back line steady then get back to me.  Otherwise, good luck!  Sorry should have said I'm a bass player.  Just a senior moment.

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