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Pedro, Lucky Pierre & Andy Le Kipp - Frid 1st Oct 04


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interesting music promotions present our all consuming electronica nights

::synergy:: which will be on the 1st Friday of the month (Sunday in Nov).



Dr Drakes

Frid 1st Oct 04

Doors 8pm Door Tax 6

Pedro (Melodic Records)

Lucky Pierre (Melodic Records)

Andy Le Kipp (Fopp Records)

Pedro's debut album was possibly one of the most anticipated debuts of last

year. Especially, given the fact that 24 year old James Rutledge first

delivered his debut EP for the Melodic label in June 1999, indicates to us

that this is a young man that wishes and deserves to have his album taken

seriously. But this is no time for bemused corrugated foreheads. This album

has twists and turns but is not one that cannot be understood. This album

was well worth the wait. Shall we dispense with the Folktronica tag at this

stage then? Why not. When a record has so many signifying strands, it would

be trite to dismiss it as simply that.

As James puts it himself, I was trying to take a hip hop aesthetic and

expand the range of references to stuff like 20th century classical, jazz,

2 step, early electronic music all the stuff that I get inspired by. I

wanted to move on from the sound of my 2 ep's and I think Im progressing

A humble heart or simple understatement? We think the recordings are a

validation of him chasing hell and high water for that new found aesthetic.

Essentially, he is finding his voice, in the only way he knows how; through

a distillation of many many music forms. The warmth of To Rococo Rot,

coupled with the hip hop backbone of Boom Bip and the ambition of Jim

O'Rourke. A morphing electronic player with the underpinning of rock.

What singles Pedro out from the crowd is the soulful elements and the

doffed cap towards nature. For a man that has recently relocated to London,

this album is covered in shrubbery. His life of old. But before one thinks

about the parochial, Pedros mastery of programming slaps doubters into

place and onto a fast track to the modern age.

Lucky Pierre is Aiden Moffat of Arab Strap's latest project, a more

soothing version of his usual trade, and another endeavour named straight

from the pages of Razzle. "It's a gay joke"!! explains Aiden, and what

happens when you sit around laughing at porn for too long!!!!!

Lucky Pierre is a brief distraction from the day job of Arab Strap,

claims Aiden, with his principal mission to make music to fall asleep to &.

Indeed the inspiration to create a relaxing wind-down record of his own

came from the incessant spawn of contrived chill out records which

currently invade record stores everywhere. I can't stand those chill-out

things and I was having real bad sleeping problems; I just couldn't relax.

So I decided to find some sounds which I liked and put them together, its

as simple as that. Lucky Pierre has two heavily-limited singles to

his name to date, the 12" Blank For Your Own Message and Pierres Lucky

Day, described by the NME as "single of the week had it been raining".

His album was also inspired by friendly rivalry with Arab Strap guitarist

Malcolm Middleton. "Basically he bet me I couldn't pull it off, so I had to

take him up on that"! It was constructed to meet in the middle and

specifically for vinyl, so that either side was perfectly fit in order to

help the listener relax, tailing off into acoustic bliss and the land of

nod at its end. There are even references to previous work here and there,

with Aiden raiding the cupboards of Arab Strap's second album,

Philophobia, for ocean-sized cello and string sections.

Andy Le Kipp is a new kid on the block, fresh from manning the queues

at Fopp sale, Andy proves laptop entertainment can be individually styled

to meet fresh demands of playing solo.

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