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Marshall 6100 30th Annivesary Head For Sale

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I'm skint, its big, its in the way and i don't have a use for a big gigging amp at the moment so i'm making this available to anyone with a fat wallet.

Its a classic amp, it can get any Marshall sound from, well since the begining and its loud!!!

100watts of pure tube power. excellent condition. might need a look at by an amp tech to make sure everything is perfect inside. i even have a full set of EH Tubes(matched quad) that i would through in should i get a sale.

Bearing in mind, i don't live in aberdeen, postage might cost about 15-20 bucks max. but i could possibly have it delivered to aberdeen for you when my girlfriend moves back down in a couple of weeks time.

here's a pic(should the link work)


i'm not setting a price on this as i don't possibly know what its worth.

oh, forgot to mention. i also have a 2x12" that i would sell with it for an extra few squid. its the one in the pic.

pm me and i'll get back to you


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