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Custom Fender Black Top Jazzmaster

Ross G

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Looking to completely remove the tone control from my Jazzmaster, as I have no need for it, but I am not very keen to do the work myself in case I fuck it up.


Not very good with electrics - in fact I have no idea what I am doing.


Also, as I only have a bridge humbucker (Seymour Duncan invader), as the previous owner already removed the neck pickup, and removed the selector, I need to get a custom scratch plate.


Mainly because the duct tape which currently plugs all the gaps in scratch plate doesn't do the guitar any justice.


Ideally I'd want a tortoise shell scratch plate, but every major stockist only seems to sell the fender scratch plates with space for 2 humbuckers.


I already tried Warmoth, but the scratch plates they sell don't accommodate the Black top's bridge.


Once finished this guitar will look awesome, but really struggling to find suppliers.


Anyone suggest anyone local? Already tried imported instruments and no joy.


Any help would be very much appreciated.



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Everything is already wired bar the removal of the tone control.


If you could provide a quote for that, that'd be great?


Although might have to wait until March , as we have a couple of shows coming up, and it's my only guitar these days.


Mailed the guys about a scratch plate and might send them a tracing rather than the actual plate itself.


Having said that I already have a Warmoth scratch plate for it, but the reason I don't want to fit it is because the scratch plate needs ammending to take the bridge, and the screw holes don't match the guitar. All a bit of a faff really.


I spent hours setting the intonation and action, as Jazzmaster bridges are traditionally a pain in the ass... the grub screws on the saddles had a habit of coming loose especially as I always tune down to D standard or drop C. And although I have rectified the problem, It's always on the back of my mind when i play it.


 Looking at a warmoth custom mustang bridge to rectify the problem, so all that will need adjusted again anyway!

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