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Fri 23 Nov // PSYDOLL (Tokyo, JAP) + [ ] // Shiprocked

The Ghost Of Fudge

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Fudge Industries International and the Moorings Bar present:

Friday 23rd November - ‘Shiprocked' with DJ Beard Fury and two live bands.


Do you know what we haven't had enough of in the bar recently?

Japanese Industrial Metal!

Some of our older readers may remember seeing these guys (and girl) in Dr. Drakes many moons ago. Infact, they've played the Moorings before too. They were awesome, needless to say. The Tokyo based goth/metal/industrial trio (Nekoi: vocals/keyboards, Ucchi: guitar/programming, Uenoyama: percussion), can't wait to make your aquantance, Aberdeen. Don't let them down.




plus! support tbc - suggestions on a postcard to the usual address, I've no idea :)

First act onstage 9pm, second act 10pm. Strictly 18+ only. Free entry before 8.45pm, £3 thereafter until close. DJ Beard Fury will provide epic tunage with his night Shiprocked right up to 3am. By which time we'll all be drunk, with luck. Expect Clutch meets Justice meets Deftones meets Muse meets bluegrass meets who-the-fuck-knows: it could end virtually anywhere, musically speaking.

The Moorings Bar - The Place Your Mother Warned You About.

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support confirmed!

[ ]

A duo, formed over a mutual love of Lighting Bolt, Porcupine Tree, Neurosis and TOOL. Although trying to combine these and other influences into one cohesive musical entity may seem like a bizarre and futile effort, [ ] have decided to make no qualms about being genrehopping, noise loving, pretentious bastards, and are loving every minute of it.


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