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Pedals, Amp, Bass for Sale


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Right - yet more stuff for sale...

1) Iron Ether Xenograph (filter) - all these are custom built in the states - so save yourself a long wait and customs charges. £130.

2) Boss LS-2 - Great unit. Very useful for linking chains etc together. - £50?

3) Pedaltrain JR - been used for 1 practice. With Softcase - Been velcro'd already. - £75? Since it's pretty much new.

4) Moog EP-2 - Excellent expression pedal - works with CV inputs too. £20

5) Peavey Dynabass 5 string - Basic 5 string bass - needs some repairs to the controls but should be simple enough. I think it's just the control has fallen into the cavity. £75

6) Peavey Bass Amp combo - Unsure at present what it is... 75w I think - £50


1) Boss OC2 - Brilliant octave pedal. Pretty rare I believe. £100?

2) Iron Ether Oxide (fuzz) - The best bass fuzz i've ever used. Again - fully hand built. £130

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