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rock / punk / metal / stoner / acoustic - guitarist required for DEADLOSS M.F. SUPERSTAR

The Ghost Of Fudge

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rock / punk / metal / stoner / acoustic - guitarist required for DEADLOSS M.F. SUPERSTAR

Deadloss Superstar are a punkrock band, originally formed way back in 1998/9. They play punkrock shows and make punkrock records. Their long-serving guitarist, Craig, has just moved to Stockholm, creating a free slot in the playing squad and allowing them to register a new star guitarist for their war on mediocre local bands.

Back catalouge can be found here: http://deadlosssuperstar.bandcamp.com/

Deadloss intend to jam with a couple of guitarists, for a laugh if nothing else, over the next month or two. No gigs are imminent, as the band are recording a new album.

If you'd like to come along one night, drop me a line via PM, or contact Deadloss through Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Deadloss-MF-Superstar/373839512637574

Deadloss are currently in their, err "late 20s" and, err, "early 30s".

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"You will fall in love with this band guaranteed. I mean, basically the sound is like that of an airliner devastating gates 14-32 at JFK airport. Purgatorial salvos of punk-metal played with the ice-cool polish of the Deftones and an RATM-inspired battle-ready momentum charging through to the choruses. It ends with the lead guitarist firing himself backwards off the stage, the rest of the band careering into each other, the cellist carving out metal solos on the A-string with the oblivious demurity of Jacqueline Du Pré and five of the crowd attempting to build a human pyramid on the cusp of the fallout."

- Is This Music?

"Deadloss Mother Fucking Superstar are embracing all those values that made punk what it truly was in the late seventies. It all ends up with stage diving by singer, guitarist and bass player into a writhing heap on the floor while still performing their closing number. This just shouldn’t work. However, Deadloss Superstar deliver their music and live antics with an underlying professionalism and seriousness that shows they are committed to delivering a true performance. This is not five guys mucking about this is five musicians making dangerous energetic music that cuts across all the rock genres. Fans of this type of music really shouldn't let the opportunity to see them perform live go by."

- Gig Review Scotland

"A mighty fine racket... on this evidence, Deadloss have no need to fear anything, and are ready to take on the world."

- Is This Music?

"This kicks the ass of a lot of stuff that passes for popular rock music these days. There's some howling impassioned vocals, lots of riffing and the sort of tunes that make The Kids throw themselves around in crazed abandon. All it needs now is a ridiculous video of them playing in a desert and they'll really be onto something.”

- Diskant

"Big speaker busting riffs that bends both time and space... Totally rabid, like the first Clutch LP."

- Insect Rock, 5/5

"Deadloss rip off your ears and piss hot acid at you: it’s adrenaline fuelled punk rock, but not as we know it. Everytime I see Deadloss, I always picture them being on fire."

- Audio Dropouts

"That was a great show! But why don't you have any black T-shirts? I have to think of my wardrobe, I only wear black. Get some black T-shirts done."

- Rich 'None More Black' Jones, The Black Halos, ex-Amen, etc

"Thank God for a proper band who look and sound and act like a proper band, even though they are wholly improper in real life."

- Flowback Fanzine

“During their last song, a messy riot of guitars, stomping and free-for-all vocals, I started to get it. Deadloss Superstar are doing something really interesting."

- Diskant

“With hardcore riffs, beefy basslines and screams to wake even the calmest of the dead, nobody could escape the carnage that was Deadloss "Mother Fucking" Superstar. I know I shall want to see them again. I dont think I can describe them, or compare them to another band.”


"Kicks you in the face with distorted heavy guitar riffs and colourful lyrics."

- Gig Review Scotland

“And then: the rock-tastic swagger of Deadloss Superstar. They described themselves as a brutal cross between Guns n Roses and Queens of the Stoneage and that wasn’t far off the mark. They had a guitarist with a cowboy hat on for fucks sake! They got my vote."

- Oz from Earthtone9’s online tour diary

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