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Female Singer/Songwriter looking for musicians


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I have been playing for over 10 years now (singing and guitar), and have been writing music for nearly 8 or so years. I haven't been performing properly in a while (only open mic nights here and there), and would really like to get back into performing.

Due to a very wide range of musical taste, I have a number of ideas I would potentially want to put into action. However, here I have listed the two projects I would most likely like to get underway....

Firstly, I currently write quite a lot of music that is acoustic pop with a definite retro edge to it. My idea was to take this down the route of having quite a gypsy jazz sound, potentially including not only conventional band instruments, but potentially double bass/violin/trumpet/clarinet - or any other jazzy type instruments! As I am not originally from the area, finding people that might be interested in such a project is pretty difficult- so if you are interested, or know someone that might be, ping me a message to let me know and I'd be delighted to hear from you!

Secondly, I would potentially like to collaborate with a Male Singer/Songwriter which is a bit quieter in nature, but something that is potentially a bit more interesting than your typical singer/songwriter duet. Anything a bit quirky, indie, bluesy or jazzy is fine with me. Essentially I want to do something that isn't just background music.

Interesting yet still easy on the ear is the key to both these ideas.

Give me a shout if you think either of these ambiguously explained potential projects would be of interest to you!!

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Hey there I'm currently playing most Thursdays at o donohues 8 ish in a jam of acoustic musos come along and play its basically myself and Ken who plays bass by day but plays acoustic guitar and is dabbling with a baritone ukulele. I play uke mostly tenor baritone and concert but by day play blues guitar we are up for another member we play quirky versions of classic tunes and covers of all types would be open to ideas

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