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Robin Trower


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One hot evening in, I think, 1972, Robin Trower had a gig at the Lanchester Polytechnic- now Coventry University, in their large rectangular sports hall. Hearing the beginning of a sound check, at about 6pm, I slipped in through the open fire door and sat in a corner, while Trower played and played, enjoying the acoustics in the empty building. Band members came and went but Trower played for about an hour....... very loud indeed, with fantastic chops and as Stu has found, tone to spare. :rockon:

The gig was great- but the sound check was one of the musical experiences of my young life, to that point............

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Superb ! I had a similar experience when my pal and I went to see Ian Hunter play in Newcastle back in 1977 or 78... long time ago. Anyway my mate Jim was a big fan of Mott the Hoople so he talked me into driving down there. We arrived in Newcastle early so we headed out to the gig venue (Playfair ballroom ?) and there was the great man plus band doing the soundcheck. So we just went in and listened! no-body else around, just me & Jim and Hunter et all, inlcuding Ariel Bender (sic) and other ex Mott band members... After he finished Ian Hunter just started chatting to us, what a gent! gave us a couple of beers, and invited us to have a look at their guitars etc asked us about what music we liked... Jim could barely speak he was so star struck. Ian gave us some free tickets and and some more beers! The gig was brilliant! Happy days!

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