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Preamp valves advice

Soda Jerk

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I'm going to completely reload the preamp valves in my amp. The stock Egnater ones are totally mid-heavy. The mids actually form a fist of tone and punch you in the face. Too much mids, even when dialled down.

Thinking about some Tung Sol's as they tend to be a bit smoother on the attack. I've got 6 preamp valves though, so was considering mixing it up a bit, though I have no experience of mixing different valves.

I've only ever used Tung Sol's and Electro Harmonix, though wasn't too keen on the latter. The Egnater ones are apparently rebanded Sovteks, so that rules them out too.

Recommend good valves. Not shit ones. Preferably ones that Hot Rox sell, as I was gonna get them from there.


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I can, highly recommend TAD, pre & power valves. Check the website, as they do some lower gain pre amps, (I forget the P/No), similar to Mullards & GE's of yesteryear.

Or, go the whole hog & buy, N.O.S. makes, which is , very expensive, & No guarantee of quality. I've used N.O.S stuff for 20 odd years, but noticed the good stuff is mostly gone now.(I rejected, three batches, I ordered, which Included, RCA, Mullard, & GE's) Which is why, I started experimenting with, current production valves, none of which sound as good as the N.O.S valves, but,or last as long. Q.C. & Sonics are Improving, every few years.

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