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Hi Fi Separates advice

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So, last night my NAD amplifier bit the dust, well sort of blew up. Unfortunately this has left me without an amp to play CD's, records and music from my PC.

What would people recommend I buy? My budget is probably around £200 max and I need something that I can put a CD player, turntable, PC and television through.

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eBay is strewn with hi fi separates. It's difficult to go wrong with an amp. Obviously if you spend loads more you can get a tube amp and get all kinds of wonderful sounds, but for £100-£200, an amp is essentially an amp, in my experience. The speakers are more important, in my personal opinion. I've gone through a few amps and never noticed as much of a shift in sound quality as I have when I bought some Mordaunt Short speakers. They just changed everything.

Marantz and Denon are good brands to have a look for. I have a Yamaha amp and that's pretty great too. I tend to go second hand and go for older models, as quite alot of newer amps don't have phono inputs for turntables.

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