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Souled Asylum Need Soundman/Techie Chap


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Investigating availability/interest of competent Sound/Techie Man/Woman

Our previous sound/techie man has had to call it quits due to health issues.

We are Souled Asylum a 14-piece in the throes of resurrection.

Location is Kintore Village Hall every Thursday 7pm to help unload practise gear from van into hall at street level. Circa 12 lifts/loads with circa 6 other helpers

Set up practise PA which is 4 bi-amp floor wedges and pair of flying boxes on stands.

Power amps, effects, Xover etc and 12-channel desk in single wheeled tall boy flight case.

Set up 4-6 mics for vox and 4 mics for horns.

Set up Nord keyboard with backline amp and run into desk

Run desk for band practise say 7.30pm till 9.30pm.

Derig and help backload into van

Therefore at hall 7pm till 10pm tops.

Eventual ultimate prize is when gigging the set up is Nexo and Turbosound boxes, Crown Amps,

Allan & Heath desk, Tall Boy full of FX, Hammond organ etc etc.

No idea of going rate for semi pros but am willing to pay fair rate in cash on the night.

Lets start bartering……….

Why ?…………need the expertise of a desk jockey so band can concentrate on try outs and then practise.

Contact details via website www.souledasylum.co.uk



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