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For Sale : Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier


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Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier for sale. Includes footswitch and slip cover. Bought in 2008, this is a 100w head, still sounding as bright as it did the day I bought it.

I had this revalved just over a year ago with JJ's, which are recommended as something of an upgrade to the stock valves Mesa provide. They create a fuller clean sound, and reduce any top-end fuzziness, creating a much warmer over-drive tone. Since having the amp revalved however, I've barely used it as I bought an ENGL not too long after, so the tubes are all still very fresh.

The amp itself has been well taken care of, however, as with most heads that have been well gigged, there is some signs of wear (however very insignificant overall).

I'm looking for roughly £1100 absolute minimum, and I'm NOT looking to swap.

Any questions, don't hesitate to ask. I have plenty pictures, so if interested let me know and I'll send them via E-mail.

Tel No: 07738396431

E-mail: Def4free@hotmail.com

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It's 6L6s, recommended by the boy that set it up for me. Made the amp sound so much better than it did with the stock valves.

Aye, I got the Powerball. One of my mates uses one, and after hearing it, I had to get one. Totally different sound to the Mesa, more the sound I needed for the music I play!

I hate the fact I'm having to sell this, I just can't afford to keep it, and it's sitting being unused!

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