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[Feb 1, 2012] Phóp - Feb w/ FANGϟ, MWX, Dolphinz (Tuff Wax), Sarah J Stanley, Ch£ap... (Aberdeen)

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Over the coming weeks and months, Phóp will give you guest DJ’s and live acts from across the country.



Phóp is pronounced Pop and sounds like Vincent Vega gargling gummy juice while Lou Reid tries to convince Tom Waits he’s still young enough to piss in to the wind.

Let us not be united, divided or undecided by genre.

Lovers! It's not your love for any one genre we seek, but rather your flailing limbs on the dance floor, your love of dancing, from Motown to Moshi, Moshi, Domino to Decca, Be-Bop, Electro Pop, or Post Rock, Phóp - there ought to BE more dancing.


Essential Details //

Phóp @ Snafu, Wednesday nights (and Thursday mornings) with guest DJ’s and live acts from across the country.

Coming soon -

FANGϟ, MWX, Dolphinz (Tuff Wax), Sarah J Stanley, Ch£ap Date, Bad Panda.

1 Union St, Aberdeen.

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tomorrow at Phop, check out Bad Panda with visual from MOC -


"DJ Bad Panda is one of Aberdeen's best kept secrets. Thankfully through his residency at the DO IT nights we know exactly what to expect from Panda and its always a treat.

Mixing up old skool hip hop, soul, funk, disco, punk and anything else that takes his fancy makes for a pretty fun mix that should have your feet moving! This mix was recorded live at POST # 3 where Bad Panda showed everyone how a real works.

The visual mixer was taking a fair beating on the night too with the usual video fare being mashed up by Fraser Denholm and Kieran's brother, the results are pretty interesting so make sure and watch it right through."

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