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Dimebucker problem - Coils permanently split...?


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Right, so after the farce of fitting a dimebucker into my Ibanez RG1570, i have now realised that the coils in it have been permanently split. The wiring is (Should be) correct, since it was looked over by James Dron, however, after fitting it, i've found this problem.

There was a problem with the new 5 way selector switch i purchased yesterday, one of the "Common" Tabs on the switch wasnt working, however the other tab did, but only the neck and the bridge pickup were coming through (there is a single-coil in the middle).

Now i am stuck and have no idea how to fix this problem, ideas?

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It could be a phase issue due to pickup magnet polarity and winding orientation.

As it stands, the black is the hot, red and white together are the tap and the green and bare are going to ground.

If you swap it so that the green and black go together as the tap, the red goes to ground with the bare and the white goes to output, that should solve your problem :)

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