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Anyone got any of the following Bass Heads i can try out/borrow?


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Hey Guys!

I'm in the market for a new Bass Head, SO i'm looking to try out a few with my new Cab

If anyone has any of the following that they would let me try out (and ideally borrow for a few days!) That would be perfect!

If you were to allow me to borrow it, you'd be given as many of my details as you'd want to feel comfortable so you can drop it off at my place etc if youw ish (note i live in Aberdeen shire, near banchory but i can pickup from town)


Hartke HA3500 or HA5500

Hartke LH500 or LH1000

Orange Terror Bass 500 or Terror Bass 1000

TC Electronic RH450 or BH500

Ashdown ABM500 or ABM 300 or ABM 900

Gallien Krueger MB500 or 700RB

Ampeg PF350 or PF500

Any edition but newer prefered as i'll be buying new!

OR any bass amp around the 500 mark at 4ohms i put the other verions of the 500W amps on the list as it's close enough for a test to get to know the sound and tone shaping

Suggestions and any other offers welcome!

I know it's f'kin long list and it's a long shot but don't ask don't get right?

Many Thanks


P.s i'll reply faster if you PM me!

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Do you have a sound in your head that you're going for?

I'd add a Markbass SA450 / LM3 and a the Genz Benz Streamliner 900 to your list (there's also a 600 watt version). IMO the Streamliner does the best impression of a valve head of any solid state amp out there plus it fits in a shoulder bag and weighs about 5lbs. (Pretty damn cheap as well for what you get.)

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