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  1. Hey Guys! Anyone looking to sell? Looking for 2 tickets, name your price! ASAP ideally PM please for quick reply, Thanks in advance!
  2. Still here? If so any chance of some pic etc?
  3. Interested in the Amp head but don't have much need for a cab at the moment, that said, since the price is good, if I could have an extended play with the amp and decide I like the cab too I'd be more than willing to take both off you!
  4. Any chance you could PM me pictures/e-mail of them for condition etc?
  5. Are the monitors or the Midi keyboard still available?
  6. Depending, I'd be very interested in something like this! I'm only 18, but have played Bass around the world and in plenty of function bands with lots of Dance and Disco in there (love it!) So this could be something I'm very interested in! Also a Bass trombone player if it helps
  7. I've an Ashdown James Lomenzo signature distortion I'd be willing to part with?
  8. The Jackhammer still going?
  9. 300 should be enough, though we can't be sure. Though 300 would be ideal even if that is maximum capacity! Tunnels won't allow us to host the event there as there would be too many under 18s
  10. What is the capacity like? We're looking for something in the 250-500 region ideally, and what was the experience like? Sorry, we're not really sure where to go for this or the best way to do it you see!
  11. Haha! Shows how tired (and tipsy) I was when I wrote this...
  12. Hey Guys! Looking for some advice, My band are looking to host our own Gig event in the next few months on the date of our EP release (which will be whenever the show can be organised for) and have several acts lined up. Including Marionettes who may or may not be able to perform depending on the date, The biggest issue is that the ages of the memebers of the bands is 16-23ish, which means there are many venues who won't touch us with a barge pole due to the under 18's. The show would be an all evening event, with 3-7 bands (depending on what we can get and are allowed to do, Anyone have any reccomendations?
  13. SOLD to Rick Faulkner, top guy, great band I'd reccomend anyone to deal with him in future!
  14. Hey All! A friend is looking for beater bass to use for a filmed live show. The bass will most likely (know the guys) be trashed to splinters by the end of the show What's out there? Ideally sub £50 Thanks AC
  15. Have you got any recordings or such of ideas you've messed around with? I'm a massive russian circles fan and have been looking for others interested in a similar thing!
  16. Hey There! My name is Adam and I'm available as a session musician on electric bass. Happy to compose bass lines or to build on pre existing lines or to simply play what is given to me. I am also available to compose and aid in music writing, and have previously done work as a song writer and am available as a song writer for pop musicians/pop groups/main stream artists/singer singwriter types. Can read sheet music (Treble and bass clef, plus Tenor clef) and tab, also happy to be shown lines and use my ears to work things out and to transcribe my own parts. I have a firm base knowledge in music theory and have been formally educated in music, and in classical music on the Bass Trombone. (However I come from a much more self taught and rock/meta/prog rock/metal l back ground on the bass being almost entirely self taught) Any style or genre is fine by me, and I have experience ranging from folk, country, jazz, motown, classic rock, hard rock, hard rock, heavy metal, doom metal, prog metal, prog rock, neo classical rock, instrumental rock/metal and most things inbetween, however please provide example of your music or music similar to yours if possible to see if I will be a good fit and to allow me time to prepare and see if I will have any questions to ask. For example more technically demanding music, I may wish to know what you wish me ot do /play or if you have pre-existsing or pre written out bass parts for a form of written music to learn it in advance. I am not currently available has a full time musician, however if you need a dep man for one or two rehersals and a gig I'd be happy to try and work that into my schedule. Rates depend entirely on what is required and wanted so please get in touch for more precise detailings of costs. I have my own basses (4 string and 6 string) and equipment and a variety of effects so have a wide range of sounds and sonic possibilites to give myself as much flexibility as possible. Please get in touch at a (-) castle @ hotmail.co.uk [Omitting brackets and spaces] for enquiries, or more information. Many Thanks Adam
  17. Hey There Bought this new a few years back, no longer needed. Used it for my fender P, in great condition, keys are missing however. Bought it for £75 Looking for £50 Buy this and the Laney RB7 I have up for sale (£150) and I'll give you some money off. Can deliver, in and around aberdeen included in the price. Or the Banchory or surrounding area as well. If you want diamensions or pictures, or want to organise a meet up to see if it fits your bass etc e-mail me at a(-)castle @ hotmail.co.uk : ommiting brackets and spaces of course Any offers please use my e-mail as I check it daily. Thanks AC
  18. Hey There! Laney RB7 Combo, carpet covering is a bit tatty but no tears (or at least nothing major) Will give it a look over and hoover it, and I've removed the grill and dusted it down. 300W with extention cab (not included) Great for smaller gigs and rehersal room stuff. Pics etc on request, can deliver in and around aberdeen price, included in the price. Aberdeenshire can be discussed for meet-up for some fuel money. Say £150? Price is muchly negotiable though, not really looking for trades but would consider bass pedals or amps as part exchanged with money either way depending. However would much prefer a straight sale. This is the older silver and blue faced one not the new black faced ones. Seen the older ones going for £250 ish new and the new black faced ones going for £300+ so grab yourself a bargin. E-mail me at a(-)castle (@) hotmail.co.uk (omitting spaces and brackets) Thanks AC
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