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AKORD supporting VAKUNOHT (Glasgow) / Sat 17 Sept - 'Fudgenight'

The Ghost Of Fudge

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Saturday 17th September at the Moorings Bar, Fudge Aberdeen present:


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02.10.2041 - miners working in the remote Chukotka region in north east Russia have unearthed the voice data recorder (VDR) that belonged to the space vessel Vakunht designated Missing in Service since lines of communication were disengaged on 30.10.37. The VDR unit is returned to the Gagarins Start launch site at Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan for assessment.

The Vakunht vessel was... launched with a crew of four cosmonauts - as required by Venusian legislative notice 5.9d - from an earth parking orbit on 04.02.2037, setting out on what should have been a routine 120 day reconnaissance procedure to make studies of the Venusian atmosphere, and other phenomena associated with the planet Venus - as the Venera 7 spacecraft had set out to do when it was launched in 1970.

The VDRs distorted transcripts are delivered in both Russian and English including a seldom heard dialect from the Alba quadrant of the UK- and although badly damaged, with data being delivered in a random sequence, scientists at the site have managed to extract a limited quantity of vital information. This includes details of sentient parasitic insect like creatures, crew suffering from severe emotional breakdown (including suicide), hostile aliens amassing an attack force and, a sexual encounter with an intelligent cephalopod.

Once extracted, this data is handed to a team of experienced cultural interpreters based in an underground space laboratory in Dalmarnock - located in the G40 sector of Alba who undertake the Vakunht review project. Codename, Gagarins Start. Their mission is to translate the endeavours of the Vakunht vessels bold crew into a tonal libretto, using whatever means necessary, that will allow future generations to pay homage to the brave efforts of the four heroic Russian cosmonauts.


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What would you get if musicians from Which Way Now, Downfall, Abdysma and Semperfi got together? I almost heard you ask... Heres what: A seven-string-driven experimental

group with a taste for mashing any styles together... Deftones touches... the love of a blinding riff... a lovely melodic chorus... some tech metal outbursts... and, somehow, strangely workable time signatures...

First act onstage 9pm. Strictly 18+ only. DJ BEARD FURY

will play allsorts of punk, rock, metal, indie, stoner, beats and

even good pop until 3am. But nae requests after 2am, mind.

Bottled beers sourced from the furthest reaches of the deepest,

very darkest continents! A ninja bouncer! A vast selection of

draft beers, including our own brand real ale! Four proper ciders!

T-shirts! Chess! Draughts, possibly, if you can manufacture a

couple of missing peices... The legendary jukebox! A colourful

cast of regular drinkers! Karaoke on Wednesdays! Connect Four!

CAMRA discount! Student discount! Even PIRATE discount!

"The Moorings Bar - The Place Your Mother Warned You About"

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