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The Hot Seats at Woodend Barn, Sunday 7th August 8pm

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Trying to pin a classification on Virginian quintet The Hot Seats is like trying to trap five mad cats in a sack. If you like your bluegrass percolated with a little ragtime, fizzed with a little skiffle, spiced with a little eastern melody and sauced with rock and roll you will not be able to sit down throughout their entertaining set. The band plays banjos, guitar, mandolin, fiddle, a trap set, a doghouse bass, many kazoos, and a whole host of other toys to create their irresistible sound.

Frequently compared to Captain Beefheart and Frank Zappa for their comic timing and lyrics, these good ol boys have wowed audiences and critics alike at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Join them in an evening of witty irreverence on Sunday 7 August 8pm at Woodend Barn in Banchory and be prepared for an assault of washboard-driven rural twang, spiked with dolphin impersonations, rhythmic armpit-fart solos and songs about their home-town transvestites. You can check out a selection of their videos here.

Tickets are available from Woodend Barn on 01330 825431 or online at Woodend Barn Banchory | Arts Venue

Stagecoach service 201. 202 + 203 are the frequent buses from Aberdeen to Banchory, with the 202 + 203 stopping closest to the Woodend Barn(get off after Tesco) and the 201 stops just outside across from Tesco and it's a short walk to the Barn from there.

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