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Sat 27th Aug - Estel (Dublin) + Coholic (Edin) + Semperfi

The Ghost Of Fudge

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Fudge Aberdeen and the Moorings Bar present:

Saturday 27th August

ESTEL (Dublin, Ireland)

An original member of the nineties school of uncompromising

underground rock/ punk bands, with an impressive back cat-

alogue and at least three more releases to come in 2011.

This Irish band last played here a couple of years ago, and

were magnificant, so dont miss the oppertunity to see them.

Were calling it horror-jazz, but see what YOU think......

COHOLIC (Edinburgh)

COhOLiC ViDeO - least amusing video ever made .mp4 - YouTube

Coholic are a three-piece alternative rock band with dynamic,

dramatic and passionate songs about Work War, Anxiety,

Sex and Serial Killers. Their influences count Manic Street

Preachers, Rush, Radiohead, Idlewild, Smashing Pumpkins,

Biffy Clyro, and Our Lady Peace.


Recently voted Most Metal Of Metal at Aberdeens musical

version of the Oscars, The Fudge Awards 2011.

SemperFi took to the stage, with a great confidence knowing

that their songs will surely strike a chord with the audience.

They blasted into their set with crushing double kick drum,

dual solos, pounding bass lines and face melting vocals!

Mosh pits were aplenty and so were the compliments flying

around about the band. Their merch table was reminiscent of

a Beatles concert. The band as a whole were excellent, the

music was tight. SemperFi are a reminder of Five Finger

Death Punch, and are sure to do just as well"

- Jonathan Toye,Ultimate Guitar

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