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The Gen Song!


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Good song. The timing changes make it more interesting, and it's a decent melody. You sound quite nervous though, and you need to tighten up a bit. That will come with practice though. You just need to make sure that you are all playing exactly in time with each other, and complementing what the others are doing. For example the bass player should listen to what the drummer's bass drum is doing, and play along with the rhythm, and the guitarist can try to fit in with the vocal melody etc. practicepracticepracticepractice...

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Frostyjack, thanks for the comment; we'll hopefully have more time to perfect and explore the possibilitys in the newer songs before we go on to record them. So keep an eye uot to see if we can improve on wht you've said, dum dum dum... :band:

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the gen are easily one of the most promising bands of the highland area, if not THE most promising.

i must say i prefer Punching The Lampost, like. its got some excellent guitar-wanking at the end of it!For You is a little more melodic, slight wandering into Biffy Clyro territory, et.al....

they've got some good players - lead guitarist is just fucking awesome, considering his age, hes great! - they've just gotta work on some power, put some real feeling into their songs, gig like fuck to bring up confidence levels - im expecting some pretty good things of any future EP releases they may do.

the gen are a band to keep an eye out for - definitely.

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