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I'm looking to put together a wee thing down in Glasgow for the occasional weekend jam and was hoping some of you folks might have some good hook ups. Got a guitarist and I'll be playing Rhodes/Organ so I'm looking for a bass player and a drummer for a Black Keys, distorted soul style 4 piece. As I don't live there I don't really want to fuck around too much with try outs so recommendations are preferential to gumtree style adverts.

Thanks in advance


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I only plays guitar, and the only drummer I know has 3 bands on the go, including one in Edinburgh. Good luck anyhoo, still up for mixes etc.

Cheers man. If we need some more guitar you were my first thought. Not sure of the complete sound yet but in my mind it'd definitely be up your street, a kind of funkadelic meets black keys.

I've got some other contacts in Glasgow so should get something sorted relatively soon.

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