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Some PA stuff for sale.


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Hey everyone,

I bought a live PA a fair while back but only ever used of the power amps, speakers, mixer and stands.

So i still have a few bits and bobs that someone might find some use out of.

I'll update more as i remember...

First up is a Pro Co Stagemaster (16 outs i think) - useful you have your own PA but still want the mixer etc FOH - Pro Co Sound - StageMASTER Snake

Call it 50.

Next is a Fostex De1 Multifx thingy - SOS

We only used it briefly with the vocals - For a cheeky reverb etc.

Say 50 also.

Also have a Behringer Feedback Destroyer. Rack mount - we used it to kill feedback from our monitors (which i'll also be selling when i can recall what they are..?)

Behringer FEEDBACK DESTROYER PRO FBQ2496, Audio Solutions


And lastly for just now.

Peavey MP5 Plus powered mixer - 4 channels - 150w i think - be ideal for a pub gig etc. - No idea how much for this - 50?

All these prices are not including postage. But i'll work out weights etc this week.

I'll get pictures and proper specs of the other stuff (16 channel mixing desk, Peavey power amp -400w i think? Speakers, stands and monitors) this week .

But if anyone has a slight interest in this - let me know. Most of its currently racked in a wooden box that the previous owner build. its a far weight but pretty well built.

Will do some form of deal for the whole shebang.

Cheers guys.


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Peavey CS800 Power amp - 400w each side - one channel is giving a lower output. Not really sure why. 50

Studiomaster Session 16-2 Gold mixing desk - 50 - everything works brilliantly on it - all sliders/knobs etc still there.

2 x Carslbro 15" speakers. These are complete monsters. Come with stands. Ping me an email for pics.

Say 100.

Yamaha stage monitors - i cant see details on these. Say 50 for the pair. again i can send pics if required.

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