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For those who want to know...

There is a new tattoo and body piercing shop opened up called Rebel Ink. It is the same team of tattooists, staff and body piercer that worked in Retro Rebels. We have pictures of the artist's work up on our Facebook page (more details on that below). We now also have the largest selection of body jewellery in Aberdeen.

Retro Rebels has been sold into two different businesses, the shop is now Rebel Ink Tattoo and Body Piercing Studio and does not sell clothes, and Alternative Online Shopping for punk clothing, psychobilly clothing, rockabilly clothing, gothic clothing, horrorpunk clothing, emo clothing is now the only place you can get the clothing that was once available in store. The website is now based in Glasgow.

You can follow what we are up to at the shop at Rebel Ink - Local Business - Aberdeen | Facebook

Make sure you "like" the page to keep up to date.



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body piercer - is that Michelle and/or Christine?

No, the current piercer is Richard Morel. He used to work at the shop a few years ago before Christine started. He is the full time piercer for Rebel Ink. You can look for him on facebook under "Ageofsteel Bodypiercing"

Excellent piercer with 17+ years of experience.

Michelle and Ash are going to be moving to LA in July.

So our current tattooists are Lee, Paul and Kristine. (Their work is available to view on the facebook page)

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is that the guy who was in bizarre for having his nipples removed and put into ear plugs?

edit: actually, thinking about it i think that guys name was john. (i think)

That was indeed John, he will still be here from time to time. But it is Richard for the most part.

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