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Ghoulmore & the Graverockers + Hopeless Heroic + Iname + Fearless Vampire Killers

The Ghost Of Fudge

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Saturday 18th June at the Moorings Bar - Fudge Aberdeen present:

(please note: first act onstage about 8pm)


ASh GHoulmore (ASH GHOULMORE) on Myspace

Many of you reading this will know, or have been inked by, the

delightful Mr. Ash Ghoulmore, singer with the legendary Karloff.

With his impending swap of Aberdoom for Horrorwood, weve

persuaded him to climb out of his coffin and onto the Moorings

stage for one last night of horror rocknroll thrills...

Itll be epic.


Hopeless Heroic | Facebook

A blazing combination of punk, metal, classical violin and

melodious hip hop: Masterfully engaging with elements from

across the board in terms of genre. 8/10. - Rock Sound. Big

Cheese Magazine put the band on its Xmas Big Hitters CD

with Lacuna Coil and Alexisonfire (Exhilarating as it is refresh-

ing, edgy yet commercial, their sound is quite unique. 4/5.)

Kerrang gave the band a full page spread and Metal Hammer

spoke of their sound as Off the wall bouncy RATM-esque riffs,

US feel with a UK cool - if you like Linkin Park youll love this.


iname | Facebook

A post metal monster: "Complete holy fuck, what just happen-

ed precision...dragging you by the scruff of the neck into a pit

of sonic assault." - Daily Dischord


Fearless Vampire Killers | Facebook

Gothically inclinded pop-rock songs boast decent hooks, with

a new romantic sensibility spliced into the mix in a weirdly

effective manner. - Rock Sound


Plus DJ Beard Fury taking you to the 3am curfew with rock,

punk, metal, indie, hiphop, funk and whatever else takes his

fancy: "Every night's an adventure!"

3 on the door, first act onstage about 8pm.

Bands finished by midnight. Strictly 18+ only.

Bottled beers sourced from the furthest reaches of the darkest

continents! Our own brand Moorings Ale! A ninja for a doorman!

A vast selection of draft beers! Proper ciders! T-shirts! Chess!

The legendary jukebox! A colourful cast of regulars! Karaoke!

Connect Four! CAMRA discount! Student discount! There's even

a bloody PIRATE discount if you actually look the part...

The Moorings Bar - The Place Your Mother Warned You About

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