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7" clear out. Cheap!

Soda Jerk

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1.50 each. Rough genres included, incase you fancy taking a wild punt at something.

Algernon Cadwallader Demo (Fiddly indie/emo)

Banquets This Is Our Concern, Dude (Punk rock)

Bouvet s/t (Indie rock)

Boys Club Girls of Today (Garage rock)

Dananananaykroyd Pink Sabbath (You know them)

Dear Landlord/Chinese Telephones split (Punk rock)

Dude Japan/Weedhounds split (indiepop/shoegaze indie)

Fifth Hour Hero/This Is My First split (Grrrl fronted punk rock)

Fig 4.0/Ensign - split (Thrash/HC)

Fig 4.0/Stand Tarts and Vicars split (UK HC legends)

Football, etc. Away Game/XXL (Indie/emo)

Gascoigne Epidemic (Rock/Post HC)

Get Bent/Jean Claude Jam Band split (Punk rock)

Hot Damn s/t (Instrumental post rock)

J Church/Flamingo 50 split (Punk rock)

Jonesin/Shang-A-Lang split (Punk rock)

Junior Battles s/t (Punk rock)

Karate Operation: Sand/Empty Three (Karate! Rare! Out of print!)

Life At These Speeds/Thank God split (Post HC/Emo)

Look Mexico /Fake Problems split (Indie/emo)

Los Campesinos My Year In Lists (Indiepop)

Magnus Magnusson s/t (Acoustic folk)

Marshall Teller/Half Time Parade split (Punk rock)

Monikers Eat Your Young (Punk rock)

New Bruises/ Stolen Bikes Ride Faster split (Punk rock)

One Reason/The Becuase Split (Punk rock)

Part Chimp You Decide/Big Bird (Noise rock)

Perfect Future/Reaching Away split (Indie/emo and Replacements style post-punk)

Pulled Apart By Horses/Holy State split picture disc (Rock and fucking roll)

Shorebirds s/t (Punk rock)

Teenage Cool Kids Speaking In Tongues/Crucial Talk (Indie rock)

The Amistad/Orphan Choir split (Punk rock)

The Mercury League/The Dauntless Elite split (Fast HC/Punk rock)

True North/Red Scare split (Noisy HC/punk)

What Price Wonderland? Claim (Chaotic emo)

Yes Sensei s/t (Emo/Post HC)

Yo Man Go Life Lessons (Punk rock)

Young Livers/Army of Ponch Live at the Atlantic Vol 1 (Post HC/Punk)

PM if you want anything. I live and work in town, so can meet most days and times.

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