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Yamaha PA gear for sale


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Selling some of our Yamaha PA gear:

Yamaha P3500s Power Amplifier

High quality 2x390W (8 Ohm) amp for PA applications (this equals 2x 590W in 4 Ohm). The Yamaha P-series is probably the best amplifier range out there for the price. Its been used as our bands monitor amp, one of the front handles is slightly dented after a bash and both input XLRs locking clip is missing, but it is in 100% working condition.

150 ONO

Yamaha MX12/4 Analog Mixer

12 channel in, 4 groups out, i.e. great for a small band. This is an older discontinued model but we put it next to our new Yamaha mixer and it sounds as good / is as noiseless. The only issue is that the built in digital effects processor does not work (it was removed at some point to reduce noise to a minimum). Comes in flight case, 70 ONO

Pair of Yamaha Club Series S112iv speakers

Bought this from R&Bs about 6 years ago. Great sound thanks to very solid wood construction, especially when paired with the P3500 amp (the amp has circuitry to match to this speaker). The current generation S112v speakers will set you back 560 for a pair. These have been gigged but they are so solid you wont be able to tell. In 100% working condition, 200 ONO with 2 speaker cables.

Put these together and youll have the best sounding small PA in Aberdeen for a bargain basement price, selling all together for 390 but be quick before they start snapping up the individual items

PM me if interested





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regarding the mixer

when you say the F X were removed....do you mean they were disconnected...or that the module was taken out......the picture doesn't show......

The electronic module was taken out of the mixer, not visible from the outside. I actually have the unit somewhere, will include it if i find it.

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