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Hairdressers in Aberdeen


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i'll dae it for a tenner

or you could get a spree book and head to mokoko on king st.


I won't be going back to Mokoko anytime soon, my hair is still recovering 6 months later! Hair was cut an inch shorter than it should have been, was different lengths at each side, had a long bit and then a sudden short bit and just looked like it had been hacked at with a hedge cutters, haha. Had to spend out more money to get it fixed at another hairdressers and got told that it was probably one of the worst cuts she'd ever seen. I'd been for a cut there before that and it was fine, nothing wrong with it but after that really bad cut in May, its just put me clean off ever going back, which is a shame. My hair usually grows in pretty quick over the summer but it has taken ages to come back in and now its at that growing out stage, its needing tidied up again.

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