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Sony audio connector thingys (FAO Alkaline, I guess?)

Adam Easy Wishes

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I have a Sony amp that I wish to plug speakers into, however the output from the amp requires, from what I gather, 'special' Sony-made connectors.

Google's not really much help, a lot of forums saying that you're not able to buy these separately/from Sony shops and what have you, so my questions are as follows:

Can I buy these connectors?

Can I only buy these connectors from Sony?

Are they a complete rip off if so?

I can provide a photo of the back of the amp if need be (later).


If this is in the wrong forum, apologies. Mods - I give you permission to move it...

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Ha, I was given the amp by my Dad (he was just going to be scrapping it so I thought I'd nab it), but the speakers that presumably came with it/were bought at the same time are being used with what he replaced the amp with.

I have since purchased new speakers and intended to simply use speaker wire to connect the two, assuming it was one of those bare-ends-into-a-clamp-thing output.

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